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About Zoe

Hi, I'm Zoe and I've just arrived in Mallorca to work as a luxury escort. I am a very sociable person and I love meeting new people, that's why I love my job.

My job as an escort is to be a companion for men and women who are looking for a good time without commitment. Sometimes I am hired for dinners or events, sometimes just to have a nice conversation. In my work, discretion is very important and I always make sure to be professional and respectful.

When I'm not working, I like to explore the island. Mallorca has many beautiful places to visit, from dreamy beaches to charming villages. I love taking photographs and have been experimenting with landscape photography. I also enjoy reading, especially historical and mystery novels.

Another of my favourite hobbies is belly dancing. I have been practising for several years and find it a wonderful form of artistic expression and a way to keep fit. When I am in Mallorca, I like to find quiet places outdoors to practice my belly dancing routine.

In short, working as an escort allows me to meet interesting people and explore a new place at the same time. When I am not working, I enjoy photography, reading and belly dancing. Mallorca is an incredibly beautiful place and I am thrilled to be here.